Epic Marketing Plan Intensive

Ready to stop throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping for a miracle?

Yes? Good! Let’s create your signature marketing strategy together in just 1 Day!

You’ve done a great job getting some clients into your coaching business, but something is off…Way off.

You’re doing all the things. Blogging, making videos, posting to social media, creating tons of content, networking, coffee dates, etc, etc, etc.,

You have some clients but it’s sporadic and you’re not sure where the next client is going to come from or how you’re going to book your practice out for the next 3-6 months.

You’re ready to get off the struggle bus and create a system that brings leads + clients into your business every single day without networking like crazy, trolling for clients in other people’s Facebook groups or begging for referrals.

You’re ready to go from uncertainty to confidence with your marketing.
Great. Because the
Epic Marketing Plan Intensive
is your key to clarity.


What Life Is Like After “Epic Marketing Plan Intensive”

  • You wake up every morning knowing exactly where your next client is going to come from because you have your epic marketing plan on deck. Goodbye sleepless nights, hello, mid-day cocktails in the city with the girls. 

  • You know exactly how to talk and write to your ideal client, so your content on your website, blog, and social media flow easily and immediately gets the right peeps to sign up with you. No more digging for referrals.

  • You stop feeling like a fraud (or dare I say, copy cat) because you know exactly who you are in the market, what’s your special sauce and how to package and position yourself appropriately to get your next 5 or 10 clients easily.

  • You finally stop starting over and “throwing crap on the wall” just to see if it sticks. You’ve got your confidence back. You’re writing great, engaging content and working with people you love. Yaaaaay!

What My “Girl Bosses” Are Saying.

Happy clients, make me squeal!

$20k in new and booked clients in 7 weeks!

I wasted so much time trying to do this by myself. Tynisha helped me simplify my marketing and gave me step by step instruction on how to launch my high-end program through teaching my prospects about the benefits of meal planning. All I used was my email and the phone. I hit my goal in 7 weeks and I don’t even have a proper website yet.”

Sharon West

Nutritional Coach and Meal Planning Consultant, Signature Food Works

I’m absolutely thrilled with the results that Tynisha has produced for us. Our social media approach, before working with Tynisha, was uncoordinated and lacked the strategy we needed to get to the next level. In the last 5 months, she has streamlined our brand message across all social media platforms and implemented a plan that has increased brand awareness and engagement by 40% for my client and his books. His email list has also grown. All of this without buying ads on Twitter or Facebook.

Rockelle Henderson

President & CEO, Rock Inked, Inc.

How it Works:

In your one day intensive, we are going to craft either a
  • 12-month marketing strategy (this includes 1 individual campaign), or
  • A specific marketing strategy to meet a particular goal. (So, a product launch or live event).
 You choose which you would like to work on for the 4 hours that we are together.
  • A signature marketing plan blueprint 
  • You will also receive 6/ 30minute implementation followup calls to keep you accountable and moving towards your goals. 


The What + And the How

By the end of our day you’ll have:

  • A year long marketing calendar. Gone are the days of you getting caught off guard or distracted by bright shiny objects.
  • An effective marketing message for a product or service.
  • A strategy plan and schedule (so you know what to do when) of at for at least 2 marketing campaigns.
  •  Knowledge of how to create your marketing plan every single year.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you know exactly what you need to do next in order to fill your practice, program, or outsell your product.

How to secure your spot

  • Once you click the buy button, you will be taken to my online scheduler, so you can book your sessions, sign your contract and start on your pre-session homework.
  • You get a confirmation and a welcome package in your email within 1 hour.
  • Within a week we will meet via Zoom for your session and begin your new adventure!
  • Pop the champagne darling! You’re on your way to creating an epic 2018!