I help women business owners package and position themselves, so they can sell out and create consistent income in their business. 

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I’m Tynisha, former publicist and direct marketing executive turned business launch strategist, copy writer and digital marketing consultant.  I help bright business owners like you, create your "sold out" offer, so you can leave your soul-sucking 9-5, and create the revenue and lifestyle you desire. 

I believe you already possess everything you need to create your dream career and lifestyle, but you may need a little guidance to really make it happen…don’t worry, I got you! Take my free masterclass: Hustle Smarter - Learn How to Eliminate Self-Doubt, Charge Higher Prices and Close More Dream Clients.

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I Need to Launch + Sell Out!

For the woman business owner ready to create a "Sold-Out" Signature Offer and create a waiting list of buyers in 90 Days.

I Need to Get My First 3 Clients.

For newbie women business owners who want to increase their sales confidence and revenues, fast

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Want to know what you need right now to create a simple sales system for your next launch? 

Sharon West Nutritional Coach and Meal Planning Consultant, Signature Food Works

$20k in New and Booked Business in 7 Weeks!

I wasted so much time trying to do this by myself. Fresh out of health coaching school with not one idea as to how I was going to fill my little practice. I honestly didn’t know what to do next. I had a very small list. Under a 100 people. Tynisha was referred to me and Thank God because she helped me create an offer my clients absolutely adore and that I love to get out there and sell. I took action despite being scared sh*tless and became a SELL OUT in less than 8 weeks. This is crazy. I don’t even have a proper website yet.

L. Denise JacksonAuthor, Manage Like You Own It. 

Tynisha’s business strategy and guidance was exactly what I needed to take the next step in creating my new book and training empire. Subscribe, follow and hire her today. You won’t be disappointed.

Tynisha’s is brilliant! I struggled with how to make myself stand out as an events planner. Within 45 minutes she created a brand strategy, lead generation plan and copy for my first ever sales page. I am now able to confidently sell my services and close clients!

Nicole Taylor Micro Events Planner/Jacksonville, Florida, Events by Vash!

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