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The Unshakable Woman Entrepreneur Project

Helping women business owners ditch the fear, uncertainty and overwhelm, so they can increase their revenue, and grow their business with confidence.

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un·shak·a·bleadjective – (of a belief, feeling, or opinion) strongly felt and unable to be changed. If someone’s trust or belief is unshakable, it is firm and cannot be made weaker or destroyed

She was blessed with an unshakable belief in her own abilities.

In 5 Days I’ll show you how to rewire your mindset, increase your confidence and launch your business + income forward in days, not months.

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Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • How to let go of the guilt of not taking action in the past and make sure you take confident action going forward.
  • How to eliminate the constructs of time so that you can reach your goals faster.
  • How to Use “invisible marketing strategies” to call in your dream clients consistently and have meaningful conversations that lead to the close. ​​​​​
  • The #1 mindset tactic, I used to upgrade my packages and charge more with the confidence that my clients were going to get great results. 
  • Why you don’t need a whole bunch of tech stuff to grow your business, and what happened when I dumped all my funnels.
  • How to turn your right-brained, analytical girl boss mindset into a manifestation machine and call in what you want right now.
  • Why being a DIY, lone ranger is detrimental to your business growth, mindset and how to join a group of winners to push you forward. 

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About Your Coach …

Hey I’m Tynisha, Business Marketing + Mindset Mentor for Women women business owners, service providers and entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business to a consistent $10k a month.

This free training is for you if…..

>> you’re done with DIY online courses that only solve a small part of the problem

>> you’re tired of feeling like you have to do more stuff (social media, networking, cold-calling, etc) to bring in more clients. and income. 

>> you’re ready to use your intuition and what I call “your first mind” so you can stop procrastinating and start doing the work you love.  

>> you’re ready to ready to get off the struggle bus and create a system that brings leads + clients into your business every single day without networking like crazy, trolling for clients in other people’s Facebook groups or digging for referrals.

Yes! I’m In!

“​Tynisha’s business strategy and guidance was exactly what I needed to take the next step in creating my new book and training empire. Subscribe, follow and hire her today. You won’t be disappointed.

L. Denise Jackson

CEO/Founder, Unapologetic Leadership & the Author of Manage Like You Own It!


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