Ready to Launch Your

Dream Business?

Hey, Girl!It’s Your Business. Run it Like You Mean It. 


You’ve got the ideas and desire. You’ve even launched your side hustle and you’re doing all the things…networking, word-of-mouth but you’re not sure exactly how to make the leap, so you can finally create more time freedom, work for yourself full-time and the launch the kick-ass online business you’ve been dreaming of. Well luckily, you’ve landed in the right place.

I’m all about working with smart and savvy women entrepreneurs to create the freedom, they’ve always wanted, quitting their 9-5 and making sweet, sweet cash doing what they love. 

I’m Tynisha Thompson, former New York Times best-selling publicist and digital business strategist, and my passion is helping bright women entrepreneurs like you work for themselves full-time and create an online business that is joyful and profitable. 

Here’s why you and I are perfect together:

You’re ready to take the leap full-time, go pro and make money not only doing what you’re “Boss” at but making fabulous money and creating the lifestyle that you desire but right now….the struggle is real.

I’ve been there. I started my first freelance business while still working my corporate job at one of the biggest publishing companies in NYC. When I was laid off, I turned my skill and expertise in direct marketing and networking into a book publicity firm, that I totally booked out over the next 2 months with clients. Everything was great, except for one thing…..

I was miserable. I went from having one boss to over 10 little bosses who constantly needed me to pitch, write and promote their books. I was exhausted and quite frankly the money wasn’t worth it. Within two years, I ended up in the hospital with severe migraines. I closed up shop, took a break and plotted my next move.

I launched a social media business and taught myself email marketing, audience building and copy writing. I studied with the best mentors and What I learned is that working for yourself means nothing if you don’t know how to keep the money coming in even when you’re not working. I decided that “time-freedom” and having a fabulous income didn’t have to be separate from each other. I took my business online, created a way to have prospective clients come to me and create packages, sales funnels, and emails that kept my me booked with enough time off to create the lifestyle I wanted.

Since then I’ve launched a five-figure a month social media consultancy, and my clients have created $5 and $10k months, secured sponsorships, and appeared on The New York Times Bestseller List, The Today Show, in Essence Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post.

I help my clients create marketing strategies that feel simply and easy. Strategies that lead to buzz, excitement, and successful online launches—sales and happy customers, and ultimately the ability to work for themselves full-time without fear.

Ready to get started:

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1. If left to my own devices I will binge-watch Youtube make-up videos all day. 

2. I used to be a full-fledged documentary filmmaker. No really, I directed and co-write a doc about the history of Lighthouses on Long Island, NY and directed my second doc about the first published Black Poet in the US, who was also a slave. 

3. I’ve written 3 screenplays and a Young Adult Fantasy novel. 

4. I’m a DCEU comic book film and television stan. I’ve seen Man of Steel 100 times and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice 6x at the theater. Henry Cavill is my kryptonite.

5. If you knew my Tumblr identity you would find me engaged in some serious fandom shipping on my favorite tv shows. (And, no I’m not telling you how to find me Tumblr 🙂