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Your Dream Business?

It’s Your Business. Run it Like You Mean It.

You’ve got the knowledge, expertise, and desire. You’ve launched your business and your clients are getting great results…well, that is, when you can get them to come through the door.

You’re doing all the things the online gurus say you should be doing to get more clients, networking, word-of-mouth, social media, but it’s frustrating and honestly, you just want to get booked and not have to worry about the client chase anymore.

You wish you could just flip a switch and turn on the lights in your business, so you can finally sell out of your packages, create a steady cash flow and the momentum to take your business to the next level.

You didn’t give up your 9-5 job, just to be broke and suffering as a solo CEO. While working for yourself is great, you’re ready to get off the feast and famine train, get the clarity, guidance and strategic marketing strategy that’s tailored to your business.

Well luckily, you’ve landed in the right place.

I’m all about working with ambitious women business owners, and my dream is to help you create the business and the freedom, you dreamt of when you left your 9-5, so you can make sweet, sweet cash doing what you love.

Who am I? What do I do?

I help you ditch fear and uncertainty with your business marketing and embrace unshakable confidence in your role as CEO.

Together we are going to get clear on what you need to do in your business every single, day, week and month to build the business you dream of.

Whether that’s creating offers that sell out, making your first $5000 consistently, taking a vacation or just getting your systems in place so that you create momentum, leverage your time and create more freedom.

I’m Tynisha Thompson, former New York Times best-selling publicist and digital business marketing strategist, and my passion is helping bright women entrepreneurs like you work for themselves full-time and create an online business that is joyful and profitable.

Here’s why you and I are perfect together:

I’ve been there. I started my first freelance business while still working my corporate job at one of the biggest publishing companies in NYC. When I was laid off, I turned my skill and expertise in direct marketing and networking into a book publicity firm, that I totally booked out over the next 2 months with clients. Everything was great, except for one thing…..

I was miserable. I went from having one boss to over 10 little bosses who constantly needed me to pitch, write and promote their books. I was exhausted and quite frankly the money wasn’t worth it. Within two years, I ended up in the hospital with severe migraines. I closed up shop, took a break and plotted my next move.

After figuring out some things for myself, I launched a social media consultancy and taught myself how to get booked months in advance. I created high-end packages that sold out and I learned how to not let fear and doubt stop me from moving forward in my business. I invested and studied with the best mentors and I learned that working for yourself means nothing if you don’t know how to keep the money coming in even when you’re on vacation. I decided that “time-freedom” and having a fabulous income didn’t have to be separate from each other. I figure out how to have clients come to me, sign up for my effective and fun marketing packages, and finally have success launching their own services and programs.

My clients have created $5k months, secured sponsorships, and appeared on The New York Times Bestseller List, The Today Show, in Essence Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post.

Ready to get started:

1. Join the Digital Girl Boss Mastermind here. I do my best free training in this private community.

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3. If you need to make sales immediately. Sign up for my new masterclass….Girl, Get Your First Sale! I mix non-sleazy sales tactics with smart marketing and mindset strategies so you can close your first sale or get your next 3 clients. Sign up here

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