I help ambitious women business owners dump their fears and insecurities around sales and selling so they can make fabulous money and make an impact.

Ready to dump your fears and insecurities around sales and selling?

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How May I Help You?

The Level Up Marketing Intensive

The Level Up Marketing Intensive

Who Am I?

Hey there,

Welcome to my corner of the net. So happy you’ve found your way here. I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant and Business Strategist. In case you’ve never heard of me **horrified gasp**, here’s why I’m uniquely & firmly qualified to tell you everything you need to know about how to have more confidence and make more sales, so you can start making a fabulous income and impact! 

Right now, you might feel like your side-hustle is more hustle and less side income in your pocket. Or you’ve been in a business for a year, and you’re starting to realize that getting clients is harder than you thought it’d be. Maybe you’re starting to think that owning your own biz just isn’t for you. I get it and I’ve been there. The truth is that you already possess everything you need to create your dream career and lifestyle, but you may need a little guidance to really make it happen…don’t worry, I got you! Get started today with my free 5 Day Mini-Course & discover how to eliminate self-doubt, charge higher prices and close more dream clients. MORE


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